Doctors, Consultants, Dentists


We provide services specially catered towards the need of the medical profession. We understand your business as a medical professional and can deal with GMS income, Withholding Tax, etc. so let us worry about the financial aspects. We can provide you with monthly bookkeeping, payroll and management reports.

Solicitors and Barristers


We understand your needs and have extensive experience dealing with Solicitors accounts and Law Society Audits. Our expertise in the area will ensure you that proper books and records have been maintained. We use both online and offline software that enables us to provide you with updated information at any time.



As a unique sector we provided services designed to suit your needs. In addition to our basic services we can also help you with retail management, planning, advice, benchmarking and forecasting.


Transport and Logistics


This is very competitive industry that operates on tight margins. The fluctuating price of fuel can have a major impact on your profitability from week to week. We can help you with your weekly and monthly management reporting so that you know exactly how much you are making. If required we can also advise you on contract pricing, fuel saving etc.

Retail and Wholesale


The margins in the retail industry are getting tighter which means it’s more important than ever to have up-to-date financial information. Our bookkeepers have extensive experience of dealing with PoS and bookkeeping systems in the retail trade. . This will ensure that proper records have been kept and it will enable you to see your performance at any given time.

Business Start-ups


As a business start-up specialist we can help you manage your business from the start. We can provide you with advice including checklists for your business expenses, records maintenance, expense claims and cash flow management. We will also help you with the choice of software while keeping your overheads to minimal levels.

Self Employed Contractors


We act for a number of contractors in the IT, pharmaceutical and other industries. Revenue have earmarked these companies as a target for 2013 so it is vitally important that a proper payroll is being operated and that only allowable expenses are being claimed. We can also help with your monthly expense claims.

Small Business Support


We will take care of the time consuming part of your business while you put your 100% efforts in developing your business. We will help you to keep record of receipts and expenditure. We can provide on-site or off-site facilities to suit your needs.

Charities and not-for profit


We understand the importance of keeping the cost to minimum while meeting the aims of the organisation. However, it is vitally important that the directors fulfil their duties and maintain proper books and records.  We understand your needs and our team will make sure that usual compliance required by law has been met.

Sports and Leisure


We provide you with speciality service to suit your needs by making sure that proper records have been kept.